List of Sculptures and Exhibits

Establishments at which Ken studied

Studied sculpture and printmaking: 1. Yeovil College 1962/1964 2. Walthamstow College of Art 1967/1968 3. Bristol College of Art 1972/1975 Gained entry to Bristol under an educational clause: ‘If applicant shows outstanding promise, Academic qualifications may be waived’. this was the case with Ken.

Solo Exhibitions

1973 Mignon Gallery. Bath 1974 Park Lane, London 1975 Studio club, Hyde Park. London 1980 Kings Circus Gallery. Bath 1982 King Street Gallery,Arts council, Bristol 1990 Leighton House, London 2001 Bruton Gallery, Leeds 2002 Blau Gallery, Palma, Mallorca 2003 Rona Gallery, London 2004 Centre d’Art, Sant Bernat, Palma 2004 Pueblo Espanol. Mathaus !Chun Foundation. Palma 2005 Evento Gallery. Binissalem. Mallorca 2017 Messum’s, Cork Street, London

Mixed Exhibitions

1968 Royal Society of British Artists, London 1968 Royal Academy, London,WI 1970 Bruton Gallery, Somerset 1970 Royal West of England Academy, Bristol 1970 Manchester City Art Gallery 1971 Bruton Gallery, Somerset 1971 John Whibley Gallery. London,WI 1972 Bruton Gallery, Somerset 1974 Jean Pierre Lehman Gallery, London,WI 1974 Royal Academy, London,WI 1975 Archer Gallery. London,WI 1976 Cardiff CityArt Gallery 1986 Royal West of England Academy, Bristol 1987 Royal West of England Academy, Bristol 1988 Royal West of England Academy, Bristol 1988 Pelter Sands Gallery, Bristol 1989 Royal West of England Academy, Bristol 1990 Beaux Arts. Bath 1996 Blains Fine Art, London 1999 Bruton Gallery. Leeds 2002 Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London 2003 Thompson Gallery. London.WI 2004 Centre d’Art, Sant Bernat, Palma, Mallorca 2004 Pueblo Espanol. Mathias Khun Foundation. Palma 2007 Modem Artist Gallery, Pangbourne 2017 British Arts Fair, Mall Galleries, London

Work in Public and Private Collections

U.K. Spain. France, Italy. Germany,Austria, U.S.A. Japan. China. South Africa Ken first showed his work at the Royal Academy. whilst studying for a year’s foundation course at Walthamstow — he exhibited two pieces, both of which were sold on the opening day.